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Ford vs. Alpha Romeo


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1 hour ago, Gramps46 said:

Oh yes, I like this a lot.  Is that an Ardun OHV conversion peaking out from under the hood?

Arden who? ...

thanks Gary. This is a one-off proto-what-if . OHV finned ala flathead. Centrifugal supercharger ala liberty air engine

check the build thread ... it explains some




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LOL love the title, made me look!  That is extremely cool, absolutely love the dusty weathering, wish more people would try such a finish, especially for a rally themed vehicle (not just cars race off road).

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thanks everyone .  I’m glad you enjoyed the pics. 

It took long because I had retina surgery on a detachment . Then had cataracts as an expected side effect from the recovery process. But I got full eyesight back at the end of January . They say you don’t appreciate stuff until you lose it. I can tell ya how much you really appreciate it when ya get it back!

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11 hours ago, Belugawrx said:

Nice finish on the beast Mike !

Like the race pic ?


Thank you Bruce. And thanks for hangin in there with me. 

I’m glad you like the dust ... I found scraping Conte crayons (very hard pastel - like Leonardo used) using sienna, black, and white formed a dust that could be fixed with just about any liquid including plain water and a bit of gum Arabic that can be a washed off

                  you probably figured out where I’m going with this  ...   between your “grime” and my “dust” we could make a mint ?

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