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Virtual Shop Tours, Lets See Yours (just like on the HAMB)

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Not a video but pics.. This is my small and cramped area!! 
first one is my mile high work bench. No room so I go up and use the room that way!! 

wide angle of bench


tall shot


looking down into my area.. between shelf and workbench is about a foot wide..


wall opposite of work bench.. 



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Just (mostly) got finished setting up my workshop in our new place - it’s SO nice to have a real room to work in rather than just a little desk I had before with everything else hidden around the apartment because it was so small!





Still some messing around to do still to get it functioning properly, but it’s SO nice to have everything set up so I can start building some stuff! ?


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On 4/2/2020 at 6:55 AM, afx said:

They work great!  Bought these from Harbor Freight as well in small and large size.

Spring Clamp Set, 22 Pc.

I bought a tube of those once... 2/3rds of those we're all cracked... ???

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