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62 Ford Galaxie Super Stock


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Back in October, I hurt my right index finger at work, of course I’m right handed. I no longer have full use of that finger, and as any model builder knows, you need good fingers. At 63 years old my building time is probably limited and it got me thinking.  I came to the realization that all these kits I’ve been wanting  to build all these years needed to get done. So I’m on a mission, we’ll see how long it lasts. 

This is rebuilder I purchased some years back and over the last few years I’ve been collecting the parts needed to complete it. The hood, chassis, tail light panel and tail lights are all from EBay. I stripped the paint and the body was in great shape.






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I repairs the sink marks in the trunk, and stripped the chrome from the bumpers. The chassis has the Ford features imprinted on the bottom and kinda liked it for the nostalgia of it. It was cracked and I repaired it.  I downloaded instructions from the internet to determine what came in the original kit and I happened to have two motors in my parts stash. I stripped and cleaned up the motor. 







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The parts box yielded up the 3 two barrel carbs and oval air cleaner. The reference material I had indicated the motor to be a 406 Thunderbird motor, so I used the T- bird valve covers. I used Testors Flat rust to simulate the primer on the chassis, over sprayed edges, and detail painted the frame, exhaust and fuel tank.





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I had some Wimbledon White Spray paint that was common on early Fords, so that  was my choice for the exterior. I sanded and polished the kits glass. Then during another internet search I found an interior that matched the kits  seat and trim patterns, I located this pattern in two tone and blue and a red and white, I went with the Red with white trim. Detailed the dash and thinned the steering wheel which was very fat looking.






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With the body painted, I then added the decals, the car does not represent a real car, I just wanted to capture the feel and look of an early Super Stock Ford.

I used parts box open wheels, and front tires. The white wall slicks are from the AMT parts pack, I foiled the chrome trim screwed the chassis to the body. 

Ive lost some of my skills, with my bad finger, but I’m pleased with the results it’s still better than when I was 8 years old. Another build complete in 2020, I’m on a roll! 








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Thanks for the great comments everyone, much appreciated. My finger starts hurting after a while and I have to rest it occasionally. It will get better. And next on the bench is my AMT 62 Ford Uni body Pick up. Another restoration, has anyone got a set of spare hood emblems.  I also have the trailer to build.

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I don't often look at the Drag Racing category but 62 Ford caught my eye as my parents bought one new and still had it when I got my licence in 65. It was a beige 4-door which I thought was just about the uncoolist car to drive to the hamburger joint but I always pretended it looked like your model. Well done.

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