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Dave "Big" Deal

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It is with great sadness I post the news of Dave "Big" Deal's passing after a serious medical problem. Dave has been an iconic figure in the world of automotive art, whose masterful drawing style and creative cartoons have been an inspiration to us all for years... myself strongly influenced. Dave had only recently completed the last of 30 illustrations for PIXAR and then began a rapid decline.

here is his website.


Here's Dave's email address in case you'd like to send encouragement or recognize his influence - DaveDeal@BigDealArt.com


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I remember an unexpected phone call with Dave Deal as I was working at an aftermarket VW parts house in the late 80s.  I picked up the phone to take a parts order and as I start to write his name down, it started to sound familiar to the name I had read in many magazine art, toys and models I owned. He confirmed he was “Big Deal” and we got to talking about his artwork and designs as I was a graphic art student at the time myself. I still think about that inspirational phonecall that started out as a simple parts order when I look at some of his designs in my own VW collection. I was also saddened after reading about his passing years later in on of my VW magazines.

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