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53 Ford victoria


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Built this one a year or so ago for a club contest..got what was left of a cut up Lindberg 53 Ford victoria body shell from a friend . Pieced it back together and used a hood from a AMT 56 Ford and custom pieces from the AMT 49/50 Ford kits.  Found a Revell 89 Thunderbird SC parts kit at our club show in Memphis . Kit bashed the two together based on an old early 90s SAE magazine feature of a light blue AMT 49 Ford using the same Thunderbird kit. The 53 is similar dimensions as a 49 and I knew it work just the same to build a updated version of a 53 Ford.

I used the complete chassis, engine bay, wheels and interior from the Thunderbird kit . The fit require very little mods to work the two together..the t bird donor kit was missing some of the V6 engine parts..notably the factory supercharger setup..so I substituted it with a parts box Ford FI V8 from a mustang kit I think. I used the T- brid optional wheels with monogram tires with handpainted whitewalls. Color is Testors firey orange and duplicolor silver.





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