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Link-Belt HC-218 Truck Crane

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So........having all but finished my paver build, it’s time to start the next project.  Years ago I worked for a large general contractor.  Actually, all of my builds are based upon equipment we had there and were on my jobs. This HC-218 is an 82 ton capacity, and had, if memory serves correctly, 210’ of boom and 30’ of jib on it. This was powered by an 8V-71 on the truck and had Cummins upper power. That old girl earned her keep back in the late 80’s when I was there and is still doing so to this day. 

And, as usual, step one is getting reference materials. I obtained a parts manual and operator’s and maintenance manual to start. I plan on starting with a frame from an American LaFrance ladder truck, which will undergo a lot of alteration to accept the dual drive and dual steer arrangement and get super reinforcement done to it. My plan is to make this with approximately 100’ of boom which will be plenty! This thing is going to be huge! The length of the truck will be 33’ 4” in scale alone, and 10’ 6” wide. 

Attached are some  photos of the crane we had. The red cab photos are of it’s first, and original paint job. The white cab is an updated Link-Belt color scheme that I painted it in just before I left there.  In the wintertime I ran the paint and weld shop and this old girl got done up by me 3 times. That is why I tend to favor paint shop fresh jobs!!!

I hope you enjoy the journey through this  one, its gonna be a heck of a ride!! Hang on!













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51 minutes ago, Chariots of Fire said:

That boom is just crying for some brass work!!?

Funny you say that Charlie! There are two skills I have not ever tried yet........ resin casting and soldering brass.  May be reaching out to you for advice! Started gathering parts today!

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Finally got enough parts together to get this show on the road! Laid out all the dimensions on the bench, and made up the frame rails and front and rear crossmembers. The frame is a double frame and is very heavy duty. The tires are 14.00 x 24. This is going to be a huge build!








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Found some bench time.........roughed in the rear suspension.  The axles are old Mark Savage resin casts, and the walking beam is a modified AITM resin.  There is no spring or air suspension on this crane, just a super heavy duty walking beam.  Lots of bits and pieces and several cross members to be added, but it’s looking the part quite well.  






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