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Link-Belt HC-218 Truck Crane

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So I just finished the plans for the outrigger boxes, beams and cylinder brackets.  The drawings are actually easy for me to do, as one of my many hats I wore in a former life was that of a mechanical engineer. Now it’s on to the fabrication! Seems like a pretty simple project, just lots of cutting and gluing, but the planning takes equally as long if not longer. Just the main outrigger boxes and beams, not counting cylinders etc, just the main structure consists of 92 pieces. 

The research for these projects I do consists of obtaining operators, parts and shop manuals for the machine in question. Then I find photos online and if possible take some myself if the machine is accessible. If I can access the machine I also take some basic measurements. The vast majority of the dimensions in my drawings are obtained by extrapolation from manuals, and photos. Then, I evaluate what the drawings look like as far as scale.  Having worked with all of what I build, it is easy to use the calibrated eyeball to check for accuracy!  And that is why it takes so long to build these! 





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Roughed the two outrigger boxes together and made up the end reinforcements. Also made a change to the engine housing by adding the transmission access housing and the start of the boom carry support. Need to finish shape the reinforcements after they dry. Feels good to be back at work!








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2 hours ago, gotnitro? said:

Fantastic work Tom !  Admire your detailed drawings, better than most blue prints I've seen at work lol

Thanks Jeff! I could go with simple sketches or by the seat of my pants, but it's not the way I do things. The drawings are just as fun as the building!

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Today’s project, outriggers.  Main boxes are made and finish shaped as well as the beams.  Mocked up for spacing dimensional check.  On to the frame attachment points, outrigger lift and beam extension cylinders now.  









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On 1/8/2022 at 11:05 AM, DRIPTROIT 71 said:

Glad to see you back on this one! Looking forward to seeing this monster finished!!

Haaaaa!  You can see a long ways!!  All kidding aside it feels great to be back at the bench.  Lots to do on this beast even before I get to the upper works!

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On 1/7/2022 at 9:22 PM, Mopar - D said:

This is one awesome scratch building/ design engineering project Tom! You know that making hand drawn drawings is becoming a lost art. 

Yeah, everything is CAD now.  But, hey, I’m an old guy so it’s old school for me!

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Just made up the rest of the beam box with the extension cylinder supports and the lift cylinder support housings on the ends of the extension beams.  On to the extension cylinders and the attachment points on the carrier frame and the outrigger pads. Ended up being 84 parts so far per outrigger box/beam assembly without the extension cylinders which will add at least another 36 pieces per assembly. By the time the outriggers are totally done, they alone will total about 300+ pieces.












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Just finished the outrigger assembly mounting supports on the carrier. Got the lift cylinders done and installed. Need to fabricate the beam extension cylinders and the pontoons now and then on to a bunch more to finish the carrier......cab, fenders, powertrain, brakes, storage compartments, fuel tank, lots and lots more and then on to the upper works and then the boom.  This is like three separate builds, carrier, upper, and boom.   Loving working on this beast! 










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The carrier still has LOTS of work to do, not even counting cleaning up all of the parts and pieces and all of the rough surfaces, but it's coming along! Truly appreciate all of the great comments and advice from everyone. I will continue to try to get more work done on it and updated here to the forums. I think the reason I find scratch building so much fun is that it allows not only building something cool, but also stimulates my brain, which is important as I get older. More to come soon!

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