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The Beast...KW winch truck

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Looks like my eye balls are out of calibration,  guesstimating the frame length was off after the bed was mocked up. Called in the squirrels that love playing with a torch and manned the fire extinguisher...


now everything fits nice and snug..and our furry friends found time to add a hamster wheel on the back  !  Check out those sweet gaps !!! OSHA approved 20200415_135119.thumb.jpg.f909b6d4e85a27107e16045d5992f7a5.jpg20200415_135123.thumb.jpg.3a209b29ce202b9e16715c982e26da2c.jpg

Rough draft of the rear plate , felt like doodling the tail lamps and pintle location...now to weld up the winch tower


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Thanks I appreciate the feedback

I knew the winch tower would be a focal point,  so a few  attempts later the newest squirrel called me over and asked what I thought...20200416_175653.thumb.jpg.b6f3328ddd7bd9f6eaadf239d5ff4854.jpg

Happy with his work I sent him off to lunch , and mocked everything up 



this small broom closet has been crying for something.. after I lower the battery box 20200416_183115.thumb.jpg.ea1d10b8e4cdd9bdd758a2acc6e44721.jpg

Possibly a stack of air tanks w a donage box for timbers , tool box ..gonna play around w a few ideas. A larger box will live in front of the fuel tank 

Thanks for following along 

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4 hours ago, Hermann Kersten said:

Nice scratch build progress so far.



Thanks it's fun building these heavy trucks 


4 hours ago, Mr mopar said:

Yes real cool looking truck ! where did you get the front Axel from ?

Thanks , my buddy sent it to me yrs ago and never had a project heavy duty enough for it. I'm not sure where he got it 

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8 hours ago, Jim B said:

Not another OOB build?  You going to be ok? ?

Lol I'll probably need to return to work soon..so a fast box shaker isn't a bad idea ..I have a Trumpy kit in mind w a large cannon if I get sidetracked 

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Time to fill those huge gaps..I decided to bash together a couple tool boxes.  They scaled out around 36 " boxes , just eyeballed space and guessed what looked cool. 


cut out openings for don mills rectangular slam locks , and added bread tie wire bottom hinges 


test fit mounts to achieve proper distance under deck..3/8 I beam scraps from a lowboy build was tacked on. The fuel tanks received the same 


lastly the broom closet is getting detailed.  Adding a stack of air tanks against the frame , or the brakes wont work..then chatting w Tbill, I'll make a screen basket coming off deck for odd n ends 20200417_191319.thumb.jpg.b7a1591220583dbaea00aa186abece72.jpg

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19 hours ago, Sam I Am said:

You're doin it proud Jeff! 

Thanks Sam !!! It's been fun bringing it back to life and giving it a new look 

Few smalls today , I kept looking at the winch deck and wanted something like a platform the driver could use to access the bed..digging thru spare parts, I found a section of screen...bingo 


The other side also got the basket , and a dunnage rack.  I'll fill w 4x4s after painting...and the squirrels whittle them down...



I mounted the rack a little short , I'm moving the exhaust system to under the cab, and new battery boxes . I'll have another 1/4" space 


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I started the push bar /bumper last night.  Luckily I still had enough solid rod to complete it .  Gonna close in the ends and add supports later . I used a pipe cleaner for bending template for the larger bar. That sucker is 6.8mm rod...yeah heavy duty . 20200418_223955.thumb.jpg.63680177f7e736fc6c1ae6be65014cdc.jpg20200418_224339.thumb.jpg.8a623e417e973c86611d0b5572d12ef1.jpg

The rear mount was square stock I filled w smaller sizes to make a solid bar. I ground the bottom over for a profiled look





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7 hours ago, tbill said:

Looks like it’s ready for business, great looking bumper

Thanks Tom ! I had a few tweaks to make and fabricate a skid plate .. I forgot most of these trucks have a hoop for chains to feed thru . 

I removed the center bar , and cut the top plate open. A scrap piece of square tube looked to scale,  I rounded the end and attached. The ends were closed off , then made the skid plate.20200419_182226.thumb.jpg.0bc8382172b0ac3d245fb1cd1b0ccd12.jpg





the major parts are done , time to add all the small stuff and get into primer ! 

I tried brake fluid to strip the tins , and everything cleaned up decent all but a slight staining..which primer should cover 20200419_123816.thumb.jpg.677d2975adc7ee8df12fe7745f12942c.jpg

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The rattle cans were flying yesterday,  grateful to have an indoor spray booth cause it was snowing again  !!! 

Semi gloss black  frame and sunburst yellow tins . Once the colors dry..itll get faded out . 


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My first attempt w salt weathering,  and it was surprisingly easy.  I wanted a heavily scuffed winch deck with multi paint layers .

I started w red oxide primer,  stippled water then dried w hair dryer ( thanks Tom for that tip) a few different color coats went over that then brushed off. The randomness showed thru after a couple times.  Heres the results 




I'll add a few scratches once the deck is mounted on the frame which has started to receive some dust buildup 


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