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4 bay "Day 2" Hobby Garage


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5 hours ago, Shambles said:

Your details are amazing! I couldn't do that even back in my younger days!

Thanks John. I recently made some license plates by applying generic plate decals on some aluminum. I even rounded the corners on all of them. My left index finger and thumb were pretty fatigued after all the hand filing.

License plates 5.JPG

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I bought a sheet of 1/24 reflective traffic signs printed on an aluminum sheet. I cut out the ones I wanted for the walls. It came with some generic street signs but I think I will make my own to include Woodward Avenue and Mulholland Drive.

Traffic signs.JPG

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Finally started on the backdrop. Changed the floor from checkerboard index card stock over foamboard to clear plastic over checkerboard over sheet metal over cardboard (for filler). Why hidden sheet metal? I noticed many of my shop items are very light and easy to knock over. I figured if I glue mini magnets to the bottom of them,  they would stay in place thanks to the floor. Sure, I could glue the items down but I want to have the freedom to rearrange the pieces without a bunch of stuff falling over or moving around when jostled. Presently I am decorating the back wall with aluminum backed road signs and license plates.

Backdrop 1.JPG

Floor 2.JPG

Floor 4.JPG

Mock up 3.JPG

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3 hours ago, rustybill1960 said:

I like the way Your thinking on this project! The magnets and flooring solution, just fantastic! This is a project to be watched for sure. Thank You for sharing with us here. I am watching this with intense interest

Later, Russ

Thanks Russ. I have been just making it up as I go along.

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1 hour ago, RichCostello said:

It looks great Bill, where did the windows come from?

The windows are a 3D printed items I got on ebay. The listing showed 4 but the seller sent me 8. They do not come with "glass" so you are on your own for that. They are much more robust than ones you could make from styrene. Overall I am pleased with them.


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