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AMT '58 Edsel - "skills lab"


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Until last year, it had been probably 30 years since I built a plastic model car kit. But I have been heavily involved in RC cars all that time, which does involve some detail work - but on a much larger scale (usually 1/10). So seeing as how I've gotten back into the smaller-scale stuff, I decided to start with some models that maybe I'm not crazy about the subject matter, but are good practice for when I do something I do like. Hence, "skills lab."

And the latest is this AMT '58 Edsel Pacer.


Just a couple of Testors rattle-cans. I do have an ancient Paasche Model H airbrush that I'll break out eventually, but this actually turned out pretty good. Lots of opportunity to practice with bare metal foil, too...


Dash, with corrected pedals. For some reason it had a clutch pedal, even though it's clearly an automatic.


Man, I forgot how small 1/25 scale engine parts are...


Interior turned out OK, but I only had gloss paints in those colors. Might see if I have some matte clear somewhere to knock down the shine a bit.

So yeah, slowly getting back into it...

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Looks like you're off to a good start. I agree, the shine needs to be knocked down on the interior. I also suffer from 1/10th RC addiction and 1/24 & 1/25 model cars, but I guess there's a lot worse things to be addicted to.


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21 hours ago, Geno said:

Looks great so far Mark, I'm diggin' it. I think the clutch pedal you speak of is actually the emergency brake pedal. I may be wrong though lol. It surely wouldn't be the first time.?

You may be right, but it sure looked like a clutch pedal... same size and shape as the brake. Anyway, you can barely see it now.

Getting down to little details now...





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1 hour ago, David G. said:

Great looking foil work!

The script on the fender looks very sharp and crisp, is that foil or paint?

David G.


It's paint. I wanted to try an old trick I read about ages ago: paint the tip of a Pink Pearl eraser and use that as a pad to dab the paint on the tips of the letters. It worked really well on the fenders, less so on the "EDSEL" letters inside the coves on the rear fenders. I think the surrounding area needs to be convex for it to work properly.

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