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48 Chrysler Town and Country


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A number of years I took a builtup 48 Chrysler Town and Country and tore it down to rebuild it. It was originally built with an older resin body that needed extensive cleanup, that didn"t happen in the build, and was combined with an AMT 41 Plymouth for the chassis and engine. 

Here is the original build.




My plans were to make wholsale changes to the rebuild. I started by subframing the chassis by using the front clip from a Lindberg 64 Dodge kit. I slightly tubbed the rear to fit some wider tires. I got this to mockup stage where it went back in the box. Now, years later, I decided that it was time to get back to it. The build will have real wood inserts and opening doors, hood and rear hatch. I had to rebuild the top of the rear hatch from styrene as the brittle resin fell apart. 

I just finished hinging the passenger door and the hood along with getting paint on the chassis.





















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5 hours ago, geetee66 said:

I really like this. You got the stance right. Real wood panels? Nice!

the thin wood sheets from cigar boxes might be a good source for the panels, but you probably knew this, so I'll shut up...

That's exactly what I'm using. Thanks.

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