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Ferrari F40 1/16 Fujimi


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This car looks so good in colors other than red I'm surprised we don't see more done in unique colors.

I have plans for a blue one as well and downloaded that same picture for reference.  ?

Really liking your progress and eager to see more!

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Deviated from paint for a bit and did more engine work.

Glossy black air boxes were installed. They have no purpose in the model...no hoses no hook up and look like mailboxes.



Research shows these boxes are the air filter intakes for the turbos.


So I made some pipes by bending a thick copper electrical wire coated with plastic.
It was the best material for the job as aluminum broke, styrene would not take the complex curves and brass would not budge for me without huge dents in the tube.


Bent the electrical wire to fit and added some black styrene tube to accept the pipe in the base of the ‘mailboxes’



a bit of detailing for hose clamps






Finished with some black mesh over the mailbox’s intake opening. Good morning’s worth of modelling

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Thanks Bruce for looking in

Just holding off on final blue paint

Weather has been crappy and now back to work. Hopefully this weekend will pan out well for spraying.

I also want to test out the 2k from Splash on something so I stated a Ducati Panigale.

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13 hours ago, Funkychiken said:

The chrome on the body looks excellent, good luck with the blue! Remind us what you are using - alclad enamel?

The details in the engine bay and inherit look fantastic.

Thank you very much for the kind comments and for looking in on this build

The blue going over will be Tamiya's Clear blue...probably three light coats at least. Then a 2k clear with Splash.

I have just finished my Gravity 2k clear which worked well but won't order more from Spain until this virus craziness blows over. If you ask why not use Gravity USA paints, you have not dealt with the owner.

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12 hours ago, Codi said:

Personally, I hate doing seat belts Scott..........but to make your own like you did.........sheesh.  They're nice too!   Good looking car sir. tim

Cheers Codi

I would use photo etch buckles, but didn't have any 1/16 scale ones....it is  bit weird of a scale apparently. So I had to make do with what I had.

As many a true Canadian can attest,  we are born with hockey tape wrapped around the umbilical chord, so it's multifaceted use comes second nature:P

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13 hours ago, NYLIBUD said:

Simply incredible.IMO the F40 was the best car Ferrari ever built.Its a pure race car for the street.I have a few diecast and models of them.


Hey,Thanks man

Summer and the plague had taken away a bit of my modelling motivation, but I will get her done

I did test spray one door its first coat of clear blue when I final coated an A/C Cobra


I have a F40 love as well. Got a built semi-wrecked 1/8 to refurbish one day


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The Tamiya clear blue layers were done and this morning the Splash 2k clear had cured overnight

Not a perfect paint job, but very interesting effects...it looks different from every angle

Final assembly bits over the next week here8D82C7D3-1AD9-4835-BB5A-9C4C161B2F20.thumb.jpeg.8ce4f5f6063afbd2246fa117710b2498.jpeg4C9175CA-721C-41B5-813D-653F697B3DD5.thumb.jpeg.5f7be33e00b3daa9193bf29c0d58d9e2.jpeg29ECB6DE-ECC9-48E4-87BC-DBB11EF82EAA.thumb.jpeg.856e091977376ec2a94de5c5e4b1a6a5.jpeg


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