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'85 Dodge L-700 4x4 WIP Current Pix

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This has been posted elsewhere, but I thought it would be appropriate here too.



These are earlier shots of my Phantom L-700, The front suspension (coil spring)works, steering is posable. The rear has working leaf springs

Painted finally. This is still mock up. The chassis is together but the cab and Utility box aren't permanently mounted yet. What isnt red will be black or chrome, including BMF where appropriate.


links to More pics of other angles, etc:

Chassis, engine.


Tilt cab


Early body work, Suspension.


Long way to go yet, but I know the hard parts are over. Body work isn't a strong point with me, but it's done. Now on to general assembly and interior, and scratchbuilding some more components, finishing up that Auto Crane, a project in itself. The idea is a truck for roadside and offroad assistance and repair. Not an actual wrecker, but still a part of my little "Southgate Towing" fleet. Dan

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Thanks David. Interesting suggestions, but it's purpose is already decided as already mentioned. Still room for a dog in the picture though.

I dont know what you mean by paint needing something, but maybe it will look more like it as it's completed. I seldom do multicolor paint jobs, and anyway, I want it to match the scheme of my wreckers already built. Maybe I should post them so you'll see? :) Dan

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