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In the photos, I couldn't tell if I was looking at the model or the real bike.  Great work!

For a 1/12 Harley that doesn't need de-chroming, look for the kit below: the IMAI 1980 "US Army" FLH.  It does not have any chrome parts. It's molded in Olive Drab plastic with white resin saddlebags.  The military "bicycle seat" is plastic but the kit still has the regular two-person seat. And lots of other unused, non-Army parts, for those of us who like to mix things up.

Or for something really weird: IMAI kit #530466 is the US Army version with GOLD-plated parts instead of chrome.  It's a class act in Ugly.  

I wonder where these 1/12 Harley molds are nowadays.  The kits have been released over the years by Aoshima, IMAI, IMEX and Revell, in many different versions.  IMAI did a couple of "Special Edition" Harleys with white-metal parts, the 1936 EL and the 1960 FLH Duo-Glide.

The last re-issue for many of these kits seemed to be the mid-1990s.  After that, I suspect Harley licensing became more expensive and/or hard to get.  eBay always has plenty, with prices ranging from reasonable all the way up to You-Gotta-Be-Kidding. (US $200-$300)


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