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Cannonball Run Ambulance

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This is one of those die cast that has never been done correctly.  I've also never really done a custom 1/64th... but I found the decals (peel and stick, but very thin) on eBay.  Shapeways.com supplied the correct light bars. I kinda wanted to use the Hot Wheels Dodge van that's been around for a minute or two, but I've never liked the swept doors.  Opted for a Johnny Lightning Dodge "Boogie Van".  Has barn doors on the side instead of the slider, but its a collection piece.   





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Disassembled and stripped.  My daughter thought I was melting it!  Buffed out and primed.





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Shot the white yesterday and forgot to take any pics.  Taped off the main white stripe (small one is a decal) and shot the orange this morning.  Came out amazingly well.  No bleed-through at the doors and only minor edge issues.  Those will be covered by black "trim" after everything has a chance to dry for a couple days.IMG_2939.thumb.jpg.45814c54ab8f8683937adad871e1a4ca.jpg




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Nice and unusual project!  Too bad it is a panel van, but it will look good with the decal "windows" on it.

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Now I know why I don't work on 1/64th. 😂. Fiddly little things.

However, I'll call it a win getting the rub strips on and decals (stickers) as well without killing anyone or throwing anything.  Borrowed a set of Real Riders off of a "Rescue Ranger" that fir perfect.  Left the chrome trim ring on there just for some contrast.  Light bars should be here Friday and installed. 

As much as I wanted to trim the small stripe over the door handles, there just wasn't enough material.  After going through tons of reference material on the real ambulance, I was surprised that there is a small piece of the thin stripe missing between the passenger door and slider.  I did take just a little extra off behind the handle for the heck of it.  I also spotted that the license plate are different from the movie.  The van that was raced in real life had the Michigan Bicentennial flags plates, where the Burt Reynolds had just a dark blue tag.  I've seen that movie so many times that the Mandela Effect apparently took hold. 

Looks great in my case and will look better when the lights get here!









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