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NASCAR 77 Buick Century


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After trying for two years to find a resin copy of SMH Resin's 1977 Century, I decided to make my own.  It is for my Jim Thirkettle Buick project. The molds are currently curing and should be ready tomorrow. I will pop out a casting and see how it turns out. This is the fastback version used by a number of drivers. After that, I will also be doing a formal roofline model to do Dale Earnhard's car as well as the Buddy Baker 28 car. After the fastback is done it will be easy to knock off the formal roofline car. Stay tuned....

1978 L.A. Times 500 buick century.jpg

AJ Foyt 51.jpg

earnhardt driver side 2 buick.jpg

lennie pond buick.jpg

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Nice work and an interesting subject.  I've considered trying my hand at resin casting, but decided my skills ain't up to the task. I love vintage NASCAR and have done a couple of 1-offs. This one is still on my bench and intended to be Buddy Baker's #87


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