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1/25 AMT 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse


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Isn't this the kit that is like a third of the way reasonable but totally made obsolete by the Revell kit? Hell of a choice for them to uh, well, y'know, even spend a dime on. With all the investment for tool X and mold Y talk here, I can't even comprehend the choice on this one... Saturation cause Revell's Eclipse's been OOP since '15?

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So R2 indeed doesn't have the F&F licence, and are re-popping this as a generic tuner. The AMT Eclipse was based on the movie car, which was built on an RS being FWD and had a turboed up SOHC 4G37 I4. Revell's F&F Eclipse started out life as two Super Street die-cast kits with different wheels and body kit each, followed by a die-cast version of Bryan's Eclipse with new bumpers/wing/wheels/hood, and then with parts from all 3 versions (sans F&F decals) combined as a 3 in 1 in a 2005 issued styrene kit and the 2015 F&F issue with Universal's licencing. The die casts modeled on the Super Street photo cars were ones based on customized GSX's, which had 4WD and the DOHC turbo 4G63T I4. Revell based their version of Bryan's Eclipse on the Super Street cars, which is wrong for the F&F movie car, but technically correct for the show car Universal made for exhibition that was also built on a 4WD GSX.

Unlike their horrible Lancer, AMT's Eclipse can be built up into something decent or mined for parts. I imagine the Supra will be next to follow, as a generic tuner obviously. The Supras are good sources for customizing goodies, and if R2 also sees fit to repop the MPC '82 Celica then that would make for epic swaps and so forth.


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