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Revell 359 Peterbilt kit

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Has anyone on this forum put one of these kits together? I know it’s pretty much a snap together kit but good golly the fit is shoddy at best. The fuel tanks aren’t going together all the way some of the holes I had to drill and glue and on the right side air cleaner the tit for lack of better term that the chrome piece fits on is backwards so the air cleaner doesn’t butt all the way up like it’s supposed to just an all around shoddy kit. This is the kit where I posted the bad primer job on. So I’ve ditched painting and gonna put it together all white and be done. I’m not going to any model shows or anything like that. I do have 3 more rig kits that are gonna look sharp and detailed. Mike

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I built this kit back in 2007, and I don't remember if being that much if a dog.  Yes, the tires leave a lot to be desired, but I thought the fit was pretty good.  Granted, it was 13 years ago.  I'm pretty sure it was the Revell USA reissue that came out around that time.

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As you may know Revell has two different Peterbilt 359 kits in 1/25th scale.
One was originally a Monogram tool and it's a lower detail level snap kit, Scalemates list it as new tool 1991 but I have it listed as NEW together with the KW W900 Aerodyne snap kit in the 1982 Monogram Catalog and there are actual pictures of both truck kits built in the 1983 catalog, both these are recently reissued.
The other 1/25 359 was originally issued by Revell Germany and it's a full detail glue kit with a first release also in 1982 and it has been reissued in various forms since then and the last time was 2013.

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