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22 minutes ago, bbowser said:

Outstanding!  What did you use to fair in the rear bumper?

You know those Cheopo aluminum roasting pans? I’ve been cutting the lid of one of those for five years. Thin and very malible. I use it for light covers bumper fairings and other little stuff. Still haven’t used that lid up. A paper punch or leather punch works to make circles out of it too. Cuts with good old fashion scissors.

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1 hour ago, DoctorLarry said:

You could also probably use aluminum foil tape used for heat and air conditioning ducts. It is pretty shiny, though but it does have adhesive and cuts with scissors.  I use that for all kinds of stuff.

I tried that once it’s so sticky that if you are a fat clumsy fool like me it screws you up. There’s about no repositioning it if misplaced.

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3 hours ago, DoctorLarry said:

True. That's why it has replaced duct tape as my tape of choice! How do you attach the foil?

I cut it place it on the car  and push it lightly to shape it. Then I let some 5 min epoxy get almost set up . Put a little on the part and stick it on

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