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WANTED... ISO parts from this series of 5


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I tried the high end approach...  with no success.

These (5) five kits share the same common parts, ...various body parts & trinkets are what differs... but what I'm searching for are the same. I am mainly interested in the rear suspension & Corvair engine. Hoping for more than one drivelines for multiple builds other than kits intent...looking for parts, incompletes, & harvestable  builts...LMK what you need for what you may have...Any help would be greatly appreciated!!  Thank you in advance!





s-l500 (2)(1).jpg



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I have an engine and trans almost complete from a T-Bone. It's missing the idler pulley and it's a bit rough, but could be fixed or used for parts. I don't remember why, but at some point I cut the trans from the bellhousing. Both pieces are there, though. I couldn't find any of the suspension parts.

It's yours if you want it. Just PM me your address.


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Looking for rear chassis components....multiple builds inmind ...any help appreciated.   

  ...notice I didn't use "bump"

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Still lookin'!!

I'm in search of more than one...have lots! to trade!

** 2 of the five ** preferred

trade ( Unbuilt Meng F 350 1/24 ) for either one...no glue bombs plz.

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Do you need exact kit parts or can you use other corvair engine parts? I have maybe 2 corvair engines and axles but I dont know the origin. Mostly unassembled or painted. Looking at your pics, these are not the save. I was going to make a front/rear drive car but never got past the drawings.

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