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Border Patrol 2019 F-150

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Here's my completed 2018 Border Patrol F-150. I prefer to work with plastic over diecast, but I couldn't pass the subject matter up. I used the Motormax 2019 F-150 Lariat truck for this project. This truck is officially labeled as a 1/27 model, but I would put it closer to 1/25-1/26.

I left the white paint as is but painted the front and rear bumpers, grill, mirrors, c pillars, and door handles a flat black to de-trim it to a base XL model. I also blacked out the rear windows as a Border Patrol truck would have a heavy window tint. I used the wheels and tires off of the most recent reissue of the Revell Ford Expedition Police SUV. Even though they are horribly anachronistic for the Revell Expedition, they are perfect and accurate for this truck. I also painted the interior to match an XL truck and added a radio console, mic, and center divider from a Lindberg Crown Victoria. The duffel bag came from the Revell Expedition. The light bar is from the Lindberg Dodge Charger police car kit. Decals are from Billbozo. I added the last two pictures for reference.









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Nice!  Definite improvement over the OOB model.  Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for posting this.  Your conversion of your F-150 turned out great.  I liked  so much what you did that I got this idea from you. 

I drive a Red F-150 with those steel wheels.  I had a Welly F-150 in 1/27 scale and always wondered if those "steel" wheels even existed in scale.

Then I saw your post and bought me the Ford Expedition kit and converted mine to look like my bare bones truck. 

Thanks for posting all the details, it helped me a lot.



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I'm diggin' it... These are very nice models... Especially for the price.... As with everybody else 1/24 scale is preferred, but this is what we have to work with, so we have to get used to it, I suppose.... Great job... I've  been planning a few projects of my own using this model.... Great job...

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