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Curly Tremayne 50 Merc Replica: Update!


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I have since gray primered/spot puttied the body, reprimed wiith white primer, block wetsanded that, and sprayed the basecoat using Testors Gold Inca metallic. In an attempt to preserve the window trim detail, I masked them window openings with masking tape. However the tape pulled up some of the gold along the edges of the window openings and I had to retouch these areas with a small brush. I have since added a couple of coats of clear to protect the basecoat as I wait for a good weather day to spray the candy tangerine and final clearcoats. All in all, I think it's looking pretty good so far(whew!) :) Once the final coats of paint gets sprayed, I'll be turning my attention to the interior to let the body sit for awhile before wetsanding/polishing. I'll post some of the details I've had to gather and scratchbuild to make this scale copy of Curly's old car. Stay tuned....

I've also added a picture of the 1:1 car I grabbed off the internet:





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1 hour ago, Lowlife ! ! said:


Coming along well, I really like this project !  Great chop too ...

You can just reply to the original thread with new progress, keep it all together ?

Look forward to more on this !

Thanks man! I've chopped a handful of AMT Mercs over the years(most of them have turned out alright) and as a modeler, I do try to make a counscious effort to try do something better with every attempt, but without being fully aware until recently, the chop on this one has turned out to be pretty good :)

Thanks for the reminder! I forgot that I could do just that :)

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