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‘The Rake’. Model A

crossfire 2004

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In 1958 Frank Maratta Snr  campaigned a ‘30 Ford coupe that was to become the A/Gas champ that year. The car resurfaced recently and this build is based on its current guise that really spoke to me.


This was my 1st real airbrush paint job and 1st attempt at rusting. All paint was Vallejo with chipping medium between the base coats and the final blue hue. The rivet counters will probably shake their heads and mutter under their breath’s but I’m happy with the finished item and it hopefully bears more than a passing resemblance to the original.37D4A080-AE78-47A9-96BA-B458B18D7648.thumb.jpeg.050db14b0fbf3ad6b36150e642e97dcf.jpeg74337AEB-008A-40F7-8775-31575A4DC13A.thumb.jpeg.3b8f15192a25b36cc7e4ac7173b1192a.jpegACD3E032-FC56-4D1F-9862-33DA5FF47F8A.thumb.jpeg.d0ef4d4ed64348a33a518dc206a3af3b.jpegFD3B427F-9DF0-4B71-8E49-332A14EC279C.thumb.jpeg.63d3c0587c626150a5656b277548d3ed.jpegEEE4FE5C-4483-4B1F-966D-A44AB795195D.thumb.jpeg.1ef932f0bcee5fb4937df20c72d5cf5e.jpeg02D59A9E-F2B3-4B5B-8BBF-05FECD3669E9.thumb.jpeg.6a413fce9af1b4519a884fd23ecd3c1e.jpeg


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1 hour ago, alexis said:

Looks like you nailed it, Dead Center!  A Fine Representation.

Where did you find the story and pics about the original?




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Stuart, I would say your first attempt at airbrushing and weathering went very, very well. Over the years I spent quite a bit of time at Conn. Dragway an enjoyed the local connection of this build. In addition the town I live in is closely bordered by Taunton and Somerset Mass.

Thanks, Glen 

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12 minutes ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

Nice model. Captures the feel of the real one well.

But speaking of the real one, whoever did the brake line on the diff needs to go back and take plumbing 101 over again.

Probably the same guy who fitted the rear shocks - there are none ! 
I deleted mine in the interests of authenticity.....


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