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Revell 1956 Chevrolet Del Ray


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Thanks for all of your kind comments. This one was a fun build. The fit and finish was good on the kit. It is box stock other that being lowered a bit, some mid engine mods (carburetor, air cleaner and valve covers), and wheels/tires/brake rotors and calipers that think came from a Revell 67 Chevelle Street Burner kit.

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11 hours ago, StevenGuthmiller said:

I usually detest modern aftermarket wheels!

Those aren't half bad. ^_^


Nice job!







Thanks! I used a Tamiya black line accent color wash on them to darken the chrome and fill the lines in the spokes.

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1 minute ago, Jim B said:

Nicely done.  So, what's the difference between a Del Ray & a Bel Air?  Was it a trim/option package?

Del Ray was a trim package on the middle level 210.   Bel Air was the top trim level.   150 was the base level. 

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