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Bike Build Off - Radial Engine Style

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3 hours ago, Danno said:

Boy howdy! The judges at DSC-17 (next April) are gonna be wanting overtime pay when these two creations hit the table in the Motorcycle Category!


You can be assured I won't be entering any motorcycles.

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5 hours ago, Danno said:


Boy howdy! The judges at DSC-17 (next April) are gonna be wanting overtime pay when these two creations hit the table in the Motorcycle Category!

Fantastic work, Curt!


thanx Danno,

we're just a couple of old guys having fun!

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17 hours ago, curt raitz said:

Got the engine plumbed, wired, oil pump and carb installed. Forgot to take photos of engine before installing it in the frame.

The pulleys are aluminum which I turned on a lathe.





Now it's time to build the exhaust...

The fuel tank, rear fender and frame are painted Tamiya TS-55 Dark Blue.

Thanks for lookin'...?

Very impressive amount of detail work Curt, look forward to the next progress update and seeing it as a roller. 

Where you at John ??


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A cool detail from the 1:1 radial bike that I always liked - check the considerately designed recess in the seat:

(excuse the watermark - couldn’t find any good pics that Photobucket hadn’t ruined):


Apparently the reason for that feature is if you’re brave enough to ride the bike and really open it up, you’d NEED that recess in the seat, if you get my drift ?

Looking great so far Curt!  Really enjoying this one!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Got mine finished, John has been working on his bike and should be posting soon...

My first take on the exhaust:


I didn't really like it, so I went this way:


Here are some photos of the finished bike:










thanx for lookin'...

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  • 9 months later...

Hello Everybody........I have been away to long from the bench.....but,I'm happy to say that I have been back at the Bench for almost 2 weeks and finally got this bike ready for primmer and paint.......Here are a few pics of the Mock-up and a pic of all the parts I scratch built and all the parts I modified.......I am having fun with this build and I have at least a dozen more builds that are ready to build......I want to say Im sorry to my Buddy Curt Ratz for taking so long to build this bike......as you know Curt finished his Bike months ago......but, I should have this Bike built in a couple of weeks........Thanks for looking.


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Awesome to see you back at the bench @John Teresi!  I'm a big West Coast Choppers fan so I'll be excited to see this one come together!

BTW: your pics are really small - not sure if you're doing something differently to post them than before, or if it's the site...

Can't wait to see more progress!

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