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JUN Akira Supra tribute build

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Back when i was around 14 I saw a video from Japan, maby in Best Motoring, (this was back around year 2000) of a Yellow Supra that sounded incredible and made such a nice powerslide when doing time attack of the day. See the vid bellow.

This made the foundation for the respect for the Supra and how cool they are. 

So i have had this body laying around since i got started on the other project, and had an idea of building a Tribute for the JAS80. A sort of What if they did a flat out race car that could compeete in any form of racing in Japan but still being sort of a "street eligeable car" A true time attack supra. 

What got me started was when i found a cheep started kit on the same supra on Swedish Ebay which would lend everything but the body.

Stripped the paint from the front fenders as good as i could. opened the front allot to resembel the original front more than what the original kit had. Aded a SAS wing supports from the early 2000's that i had in the PB along with a C5R wing with some other wingsides.

Wheels are "18 i belive with slicks of course!

I have done first coat of primer and the interior is almost done, nothing fancy here since its a curbside. But it wil look cool on my shelf!  

Next step is to finish of the body and shoot some silver and then yellow.

Will se if i manage to get a decal paper so i can make the decals. Or is any body up for making a set of 4 decals for me?












This is the one i will finnish first of my started ones  ;)


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On 6/11/2020 at 1:54 PM, stitchdup said:

Sweet, reminds me of the max power mag cars

Thanks! Yes it’s typical of the era!


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