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Tom Geiger

Custom Corvette - Covid Car Show

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I built this Corvette many years ago as part of a club project. That got me going on this Corvette curbside and how I could make it stand out as a mild custom.


This is a Duplicolor blue and red. It came out very well with no clear or polish.


Wheels and tires came in the kit. I did look at other options, but they fit what I was trying to do.



Interior is stock from the box. I remember enjoying the detail painting.


I did away with the bumpers and reshaped the rear to accept the Deora tail light. It sorta kind fits! 


Front end got the kit headlights filled in and an interesting pair inserted in the grill. Bet you wouldn’t have guessed they were the headrests from the Fireball 500 kit!  Grill is a short section of a custom one from some kit.

This was a fun, low pressure project that was fun to build without the pressure of a full detail kit.  It looks nice on my shelf and surprises people since it’s far from my normal builds!

Anyone next with a Covid Car Show post?

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24 minutes ago, Tom Geiger said:

Anyone next with a Covid Car Show post?

The Revell snap kit, right? Came out nice. Here's how I did my two, one stock, one custom. Main color is polished plastic on both. 



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very nice   custom vette tom 
and nice vettes snake

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