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US Marines funny car


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I don't usually post in progress pictures but i thought I'd give it a try.  I'm working on the Revell 1/16th scale Mickey Thompson Grand Am funny car and i have the engine mostly complete.  The A/N fittings are from Pro Tech and Top Studio, and the braided line is from Pro Tech also.  The fuel lines into the blower hat and the intake manifold are .035 stainless welding wire with Pro Tech fittings.  The plug writes are from the kit and the blower belt is black tape. The barrel valve and linkage are Pro Tech parts also.IMG_9891.jpg.d7c6d54f65c6f708f8e54cadd61f5692.jpg







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I got quite a bit of work done lately.  The engine is in the chassis and is almost complete,   The seat and harness are both done, the harness was made using Pro Tech parts.  I'm now working on the body, wheels, and finishing the chassis.  I love these 1/16th funny cars, just wish they weren't so darn expensive!





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Wow Tim that came out real nice!  I'm using a set of Slixx decals that I bought at least 15 years ago.   Unfortunately all but about four of the decals tore into multiple pieces,  most of them in the water while still on the backing paper!  Very frustrating!!  The stars  on the roof are all individual pieces and after letting everything set up for four days I wiped the model down and ten of the stars came off! So now I'm trying to find another set of decals so I can finish this up. 





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Not sure my brake line setup is 100% correct,  but I did see a similar setup on a Hawaiian funny car.   Used .025 stainless welding wire for the brake lines and the kit tee.  Might not be exactly right but I think it looks better than the kit supplied brake hose. 




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It is extremely frustrating when your build goes backwards.   I lost some stars on the roof because the decals were old and some didn't stick well.   I thought I could get another set of Slixx decals and replace the missing stars but that set is out of production.  I found a set on Ebay for $58, but that's ridiculous!!  So I bought a set of Chuck Boerner decals and stripped the old decals off.  Now I've got to repaint or massively touch up the blue on the body and try this again!  Hopefully I have better luck the second time around. 



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So after stripping off all the decals I realized the Chuck Boerner decals are much different from the Slixx decals I originally used.   The Slixx decals assume using the rear glass, whereas Chuck's decals are correct for the actual car that ran without rear glass.   So I filled in the rear window with sheet styrene and glazing putty and repainted the car.   I've got the new decals installed along with the parachute and interior things so I'm ready for a coat of clear and finish it up.  I was incredibly impressed with Chuck's decals,  they go on great and are almost foolproof.





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