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AMT Kenworth W925

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I have several AMT Kenworth W925 with walking beam suspension and I finally got me a kit with torsion bar suspension a couple of weeks ago...I have looked for for one for some time and one came up on an auction site for a fair price so I bought it.
Now to find a K123 with torsion bars, I have never seen one but I have heard they are supposed to exist.

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The tooling must have been remade quick because I have never seen one as far as I remember and I have been in this hobby 45 years, I have seen many W925 kits with torsion bars tho'.
The T-520 KW K123 kit came 1971 like the W925 did and the interesting thing is that if AMT issued the K123 first with the torsion bars the designation was wrong as *25 is the dual drive torsion bar designation for the KW chassis, the W925 was right when it had torsion bars but got wrong when they changed to walking beam as the designation for a chassis with dual drive walking beam or air ride is *23.
The other chassis designations *21 is single drive any suspension, *22 is single drive with tag or push axle and *24 was heavy duty dual drive six rod suspension or similar.

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