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1991 Daytona 500 Winner Ernie Irvan Kodak Lumina

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Just completed my 1991 Daytona 500 winning Kodak Lumina driven by Ernie Irvan. Started with a Harry Gant Mac Tools Lumina kit. Tamiya Camel Yellow over Tamiya Gray Primer. Mixture of Monogram Kodak Oldsmobile decals and Slixx 1994 Sterling Marlin decals. Not perfect but will look good on my shelf of Daytona 500 winners. 20200623-153047.jpg 20200623-153049.jpg 20200623-153053.jpg 20200623-153059.jpg 20200623-153108.jpg 20200623-153111.jpg 20200623-153116.jpg 20200623-153119.jpg 20200623-153123.jpg 20200623-153129.jpg 20200623-153139.jpg

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Wow! I think she looks great! I have always liked this livery. There is just something about that old school Kodak paint scheme that catches my eye. Actually, the first NASCAR model that I built was the #4 Kodak car. It didn’t turn out a fraction as nice as yours.

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