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Jo-Han Mercedes-Benz 500K coupe

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I have the 500k "special sports roadster" (well, 2 of em, but thats a different story) and I have to say the fit and finish so far has been extremely good.  Some of the directions may be a tad lackluster compared to say, Tamiya or Beemax kits of today, but they do get the job done well enough.

They are some gorgeous cars in real life, and I'm hoping to capture even a tiny slice of that beauty with my model.

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One odd thing about them is that the door panel details are all molded on. Door handles and window crank look like they were painted on with a brush and thick paint. Not a deal breaker by any means. Just a weird quirk. They do build into beautiful models. My Coupe was painted with Tamiya spray can lacquers. Candy red followed by pearl clear, then probably a whole can of clear. That was followed by a polishing kit for a showcar shine. Unfortunately it fell off a shelf and has a small chip  that went all the way to the blue plastic. 

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Yeah im currently building mine, it is an awesome kit and i would for sure build one again if i got my hands on one. I think by accident i got way to many parts, so I have a lot of spares if you need any. However it seems that depending on which JoHan kit your looking most of the parts between them are slightly different, i ended up slightly modifying some of the parts in order for them to fit nicely.

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