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AMT Craftsman 63 Chevy II station wagon and Cal drag combo with 64 Galaxie, Falcon funny car and trailer to be released.


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The Falcon body also has the between-the-taillights area altered, with a recess for a drag 'chute.  The headlight areas in the grille have been re-engraved to resemble headlamp covers.

100% stock would take some doing, but Pro Street would be attainable.  Fill the 'chute recess, drill out the headlamp covers, rework the rear wheel openings, then fit it to a '66 Nova pro street chassis.


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2 hours ago, Mark said:

Fix that '63 hardtop!  The altered wheelbase '65 is based on the '62-'63 hardtop, same roof and windows.  Find a started or incomplete '65, then stub that roof into the '63 body.  Shouldn't be hard...

Looks like I already fixed it, and forgot I had before I posted that.  Duh.  I pulled it out of the box tonight and looked it over.  The top is straight and so are the window posts. That jogged my memory because I've had it for a long time.  As I remember the top was sunken in the middle, and I used the "steam trick" to carefully straighten it.

It is a nice kit, a very sharp resin casting, and I'd like to build it. All it needs is an engine.  It's molded in a brownish resin.

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On 7/3/2020 at 11:08 AM, GMP440 said:

Saw this on Steven's  Intenational website.

AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1223 1/25 Cal Drag Combo: 1964 Ford Galaxie, Falcon Funny Car & Trailer $71.95 TBA
AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1202 1/25 1963 Chevy II Station Wagon Craftsman Series $30.95   TBA



Great way to blow 100 scheckles.... I'm in!.... ??

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2 hours ago, Classicgas said:

I wonder if the 66 nova chassis would work? 

I have checked as I am in process of building a 63 Nova Wagon.  The 66 chassis works but needs some sanding around and behind the rear wheel wells and maybe some clearancing to work with the wagon interior.

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24 minutes ago, Paul Hettick said:

How many are secretly looking forward to the MPC Wacky Racers Compact Pussycat reissue? Hopefully it have the purple plated body like the original lol.

Not Me, I don't have any firecrackers left!

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I have a Compact Pussy Cat in my display case. Dad and I (more Dad than me I'd bet) built it when new. I'm missing the umbrella. I'll have to the Mean Machine to go with it.

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