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On 10/15/2020 at 5:25 PM, Randy D said:

Hi Folks,

  Mike,  Hopefully you noticed the reply to Ralph above:)

Some progress....

Making up the engine suport/motor carrier parts.  I'm using ScaleHardware nuts/bolts so that I can remove the engine if needed.  Engine support is nickel stock...



Trim with brass stock and Alibion n.s. tubing...












thanks for looking in !


Awe, c'mon man...  I think I'll just throw mine away...

Actually, I thank guys like you and Codi and JC and Phil and Comp and ALL the rest that just keep pushing the envelope a little further AND are nice enough to show us HOW you do it.  And to try to keep the scale fidelity like with the motor/exhaust mount is amazing

I think it's truly unfair that 99% of the people that will see this motor will see it on their computer monitor, and won't TRULY realize how small and intricate these parts are.

This is watchmaking stuff here folks.


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8 hours ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

Very few things in the modeling world truly deserve the much-overused "awesome", but this sure as jell does.

Sometimes, all I can say to myself when I look at this level of precision miniaturization is "damm...".   :D

Well said.

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