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Kenworth alaskan hauler

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Hi, I got this off ebay in bits with parts missing some years back, I extended the frame  & added sand boxes from plastic sheet & tube, The air horns are from a model boat- maybe a bit large- Washed & weathered with oils, The snow is made from decoraters powdered filler, with icicles from clear glue.  Sprayed with flat varnish I then brushed some gloss varnish on top in places to look like thawing snow. I store this in a cool box to keep it frozen................... Looking at it now i should have sanded the front tyres.

Thanks for looking Graham.

010 (2).JPG

011 (2).JPG

012 (2).JPG

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6 hours ago, Bills72sj said:

BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH fine job of weathering there. It makes me cold too! I do have a suggestion. Do this to the tires and rims for better fit.

Tires getting backer rod.JPG

Thanks for the advice Bill72, I do now pack out tyres, This was taken in 2008 & i should have checked it first. somethings look worse in photo`s.

Thanks to everyone for the comments.

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Nice winter scene.....oh how I remember climbing in plow trucks like that, and a VERY cold seat !!!!!  Love the ice, very cool technique..... I have always liked that kit... I wish they would reissue it..... nice job, thanks for sharing

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Hi Graham, I can only rerun the chorus of praise. This truck is indeed an awesome looking beast.

May I ask how you did the icicles from clear glue? Thanks very much, Juergen

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Hi Juergen.

Suspend a piece of rigid wire horizontally held at each end, apply drops of thick clear polystyrene glue then brush on clear liquid polystyrene glue flowing it down till you get the shape , no set size whatever suits. Wait till dry then remove with tweezers apply to model with pva glue. Make more than you need.

Hope this helps


Thanks all for the kind comments.

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