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Revell 1980s F series Ford Pickup

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Well, got it finished and I really liked this model!  Great price and really looks great, other than a completely open engine bay that you can see into the interior tub and straight to the ground.  I could have fixed that, but I didn't.  I tried to age it like it was a real truck that the owner is very proud of and just got a new bedliner sprayed in.  Thoughts?  It was rattle can that I polished and waxed.  the build itself is in the WIP section with the same title name.  Thanks for checking it out.
















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Very nice and I like the gas stains around the filler door. Always heated  that. Bed liner is a good idea. The engine looks like it sits a little low on the chassis. Looks like a fairly well cared for pick up.   

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1 hour ago, Husky1943 said:
  • Are you sure you destroyed it, or simply allowed in more air and light?  

Air conditioning, the hillbilly way :D  I'll either rebuild it when I can or I'll keep a look out for another body and just do the hardtop, probably the later.

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Brother, you talk hillbilly?  I am from the piney woods of East Texas.  I knew a guy that converted a vomit-green cadillac for hauling hay.  He simply removed the body after the doors, and installed wooden slats on the frame so that he could load it with hay!  He could get a bunch of square bales on the back of that car!

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Hey Rob!  It's Rob.  You know, now that you mention it, you are absolutely right.  Of course, bumper stickers and stickers, in general, would appear on it.  At least, registration and road tax stickers.  I remember that Texas and Virginia definitely had/have them, and I think Tennessee, as well.  Of course, bumper stickers too.  Good idea, Rob!

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15 hours ago, crazyjim said:

We've had a couple inches of rian the last few days.  maybe more coming depending on the direction the tropical wave takes.

Yeah, that's right Jim!  God willing you and yours don't suffer any effects of any of the storms.  I heard that wind shear is really tearing them up, as well as the mountain ranges in Hispanola.  Of course, as the weather-pundits constant lament, "we're aren't in the peak of the season yet."  

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