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'68 chevelle ss

Jared Roach

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Well my revell '68 is finally finished. I started this one in April lol.

- added a vinyl top
- wheels/tires from the amt 70 Baldwin motion camaro
- modified rear suspension to sit higher
- wired engine

Basicly I decided to build this as a "day 2" car circa 1970ish. I felt this car needed some additude and I'm happy with the final result.

Now I need to reorganize the hobby room and then onto another lol.

20200722_174105 20200722_174115 20200722_174137 20200722_174244 20200722_174306 20200627_081728 20200722_174359 20200722_174447 20200722_174537 20200722_174543 20200722_174711 20200722_174752 20200722_174812 20200722_174828 20200722_174526


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Great looking paint work and trim. The interior looks very clean. I remember when you had to lift your rear suspension in order to get the oversized tires under the car. 

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So whats next... headers and a cam swap?  I see some ladder bars and a set of 50s on the back in the near future.   Very nice job on the car!  I got my 68 and 69 Chevelles in this week.  Very very nice kits.  You built a beautiful example of the 68 Chevelle.

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