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2006 Ford F350 with custom lift

Romell R

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Heres a build i just finished. This truck is all custom i had the cab cast in resin for me by my good friend Jamie over at SSB Resins , he doesnt sell this as a seperate piece tho, you'd have to buy one of his fire engines. theres really too much to list about this truck but if you want to know all the ins and outs of it just say so and i'll post more pics of the build. ;)




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Do you have a website for him?
in reply to your question yes you'd have to buy one of his kits unless he has an extra laying around, his web site is www.ssbresin.com tell him romell sent you he might work something out for ya. oh and the bed was a diecast ford f250 bed i added the dually fenders to it. Edited by Aftashox
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###### (sorry gregg)

that thing is tall

tell me this do you get nose bleeds when you get in that thing

also how is the weather up there

that is beautiful bro and i dont like lifted trucks but wow

i wish i had the cash for it because i would so buy that thing right now

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needs bigger tires or lowered, theres just too much room between the tires and the wheel wells, other then that nice build
These are the largest whees and tires you can get in this scale and the pictures give the illusion of having too much space, the model speaks for itself it's won two model shows already. Ask mr. 1/16th he was at the last show LOL ! ;)
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that thing is so sick!!!!and then you posted pics of working lights that is even sicker!!!!!!!! I for one will take as many pics and" how you did its" as you are willing to post cuz there is just not enough of these types of trucks in 1/25 around. thanks for posting this I really like it.

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