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First set in thinning the stash


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As I am setting up the new Hobby Room, I know there are kits here in which I have lost interest or feel are low down on the build list.  Even though I divested of over 150 before the move, time needed to be spent on higher priority items.

The following kits are the first up for trading or...

They are all complete, a couple still sealed.  I am not interested in big rigs, Fords, or Mopars.  Unique can be interesting.  I would even trade multiples for a good kit.  I am also not looking for started or built ups.



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6 hours ago, DrKerry said:

Just peeking to see what ya had, 
Something I need to do some day Gerry! Thin the heard... 

I know.  Made a reassessment of what really interests me and what my build level is.  This year, I'll be lucky to get three done as I sort out the new hobby room.  Last year was one as the move occupied most of the time.  I just made a call as to what interests me the least and slowly letting them out.  If I can't make something happen here, there are a couple of FB spots I can try selling on

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