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Isky-U-Fab Special--New Photos 07/27/20


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Built from an old Monogram Slingshot dragster I bought as a bag of glue-bombed, broken parts for a buck; I was happy to have it, because the reissue hadn't been done, yet. This is one of only two replicas I have ever built, the other being Dick Kraft's "The Bug". It had always been pretty apparent, to me, that this kit was a representation of the Cook and Bedwell dragster. The manifold is scratched from  plastic stock. The headers are made from different diameters of tubing, and were "plated" the old-fashioned way. After shooting them with satin black Krylon, I rubbed graphite powder into them. The finish has held up, very well, and, looking at them closely, there is no discernible grain/flake to it. Jack Smith  made the decals, for me. I have never been able to ascertain the color of the real car. The reproduction looks to be too light-colored, to me. I went with some Dupli-Color blue that looked close to one color photo I saw of the car, as it raced. It looked darker in most of the B&W images, as well, so, I went with that. Hope you enjoy! Questions, comments and critiques are always welcome! Thanks for looking!










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15 hours ago, Deuces ll said:

That's a beautiful build sir..... ??

Thanks, Guido!

14 hours ago, High octane said:

Looks great as I finished one of those last(?) year I believe and it was a fun build. The Cook & Bedwell is an interesting dragster if you read about it.

Thank you, Nick. It was first to go 180, and that helped lead to the fuel ban, if I recall, correctly.


11 hours ago, dragin70s said:

That is very nicely done. Love the repro's of lesser seen cars like that, and that's fun to see.


Thanks for your kind words, sir. I appreciate the obscure stuff, too. I only know of one other replica of this dragster. It was built by a guy in England, named Barry Price(?). His collection, and it's extensive, is housed in the NHRA museum.


3 hours ago, Scott8950 said:

Absolutely beautiful. Nothing like vintage drag cars!


3 hours ago, Hmann68 said:

Awesome! Engine looks great! 


2 hours ago, majel said:

Looks like it's seen its share of races, very well done!

Jim, Christopher and Scott--thanks for your comments,and for having a look! I have a few more to shoot, still, so please check them out, as I post them!

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27 minutes ago, High octane said:

Yes on Feb. 3rd 1957 the Cook & Bedwell dragster made back to back runs of 160 mph + and 24 hours after that the NHRA bnned the use of nitro.

Ah, yes! It's been a while since I read "High Performance". It's easily the most comprehensive history of fuel racing.

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On 7/27/2020 at 4:03 AM, Straightliner59 said:

....... This is one of only two replicas I have ever built, the other being Dick Kraft's "The Bug".

Terrific job on that old dragster Daniel. Now how about letting us see that BUG you mentioned :)

I've been collecting parts for one of my own, and would love to see how you built yours.

Also waiting for Raymond (Flat32) to assemble his 3D printed BUG - but I don't possess his talents so will stick with styrene.

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Thank you, Mike! I only have four photos of The Bug, and they are from the late "other" magazine. Here they are, nonetheless! The model is in Don Garlits' museum, where it's been, since 1992. I have one of Ray's. It is gorgeous! I want to put it together, but, I am afraid that will lead me down a rabbit hole of detailing! It's too nice, not to!





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Thanx for these Daniel - I agree "Very Impressive". How ever did you get the front tractor tires lettered?

I've been to Garlits shrine several times since the 80s - I'll be sure to check out your work if I ever get down there again.

So Ray has released some parts - I'll check that out too . The 16" K-H's have been a problem to source for me, and Raymond has nailed them.

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You are the man Daniel. Perhaps I could have done half as good a job 40 years ago! Some may not realize those front tires are 35mph rated "Wards Riverside DeLuxe" tractor tires, and Dick ran 120mph on them, with only goggles and not even a T-shirt! Quite a character.

Dick Kraft BUG b.jpg

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