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1969 Ford Torino Talladega


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Hi all, I recently finished up my first car model for 2020, the gorgeous Talladega. I started this model September 2019, and aimed to finally do something more or less box stock. This is a Monogram kit, everything was nicely molded and detailed, with the only flaw being the body was quite warped. I'm glad it doesn't show in the final photos, as it did cause some trouble in the final assembly. The only modifications to the model itself was the stance, I lowered the front suspension to give it a bit of wedge, as I've found with most muscle car models the front end's tend to sit a bit high. Talladega's are normally identified by their unique paint job's, one of 3 colors, red white or blue, and a blacked out hood. While searching for reference images I found a picture of a gold Torino and I thought that color just suited this body style perfectly. I painted the body using Zero Paints Gold & 2k clear, and used Tamiya's Semi-Gloss black on both the interior and exterior rear panel.  The engine was also done using Zero Paints Ford/GM Engine blue, and all of the window trim done using BMF. This was a fun build, and one of my most box stock models ever built, I hope you enjoy the photos, cheers!


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