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1960 Ford Starliner Custom


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Hi All, here's another Ford I just finished up, my second of 2020. Started in January I wanted to go for a very mild custom look, and a unique exterior/interior combination. This Starliner body style is one of Ford's most beautiful design's, and already looks so custom in my eyes it didn't need any alterations, just a great color to make it pop. Living in Munich Germany just down the road from BMW's headquarters I see a fair amount of M3's wearing a crazy color called Austin Yellow, I figured its the perfect color for a 60's car. I didn't want to do the usual white tuck and roll interior, so I ended up finding inspiration in the Lamborghini Muira. Yellow Muira's came with a blue leather interior, or at least it was an option, so I thought that was a nice period reference for my blue Interior. Exterior paint is Zero Paint's BMW Austin Yellow w/ 2k Clear, and interior is Tamiya Blue X-4. I didn't like the steering wheel the kit came with so I swapped it for a '72 Chevy Truck wheel. Wheel and tire combo are actually from a 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS, I thought that fit the mild custom theme for the car. I don't show the engine here because I didn't use the engine from this kit, I just threw in a V8 I had around saving this kits engine for something else down the road. This was another fun build, but the biggest hurdle to get over was the sheer amount of chrome trim that needed to be covered in BMF. Not to mention the mistake of leaving some masking tape for 2 months on the rear chrome panel, which peeled all of the chrome off. I stripped the rear panel and re-did it using Alclad Chrome. I hope you all enjoy the photos, cheers!



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