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While introducing I already had described that I had started building BigRigs on a scale of 1/72. In this scale i am dependent on self-made scratch and conversions, because there are not many of model building kits. Now I have secretly fallen in love with 2 Mack cabovers, the G and H series. Unfortunately, I don't find any drawings or dimensions for these series and I don't dare to just build from photos. Maybe there is someone among you who can help me with further material? That would be really a big help. Thank you all!

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Is there really no one who can help me? I am also happy about any other help, drawings or blueprints of other trucks or information as to whether different vehicle components from one manufacturer can also be used for other brands, like Mack has done wwith cabs for Brockway par exemple. For me, every hint is helpful, really everyone! So, thank you very much for your support.

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I mean valuable information like this:



MCM Ohana



2,441 posts

Location:Upper Peninsula

Full Name:Tim Ahlborn

The official year was '70. Unilite 352 was built through 1969 - but that doesn't mean that some '70 titled units weren't built in '69.


Change the headlamp buckets for the external lip and rivets: '71+

Move the sleeper vents rearward: '70+

Remove the sleeper window indents: '70+ (short lived rear panel). Actual windows were larger.

Larger front nameplate: '73 and newer

Rounded top battery box with 2 air tanks under it: '75+

Larger grab handles: '75+

"Easy Entry" (backwards S) grab handle: '75 newer (first seen in '74 ads with original concept in '73 - I'm seen hanging on the truck with the "Easy Entry" steps in the attached photo)

Lower door handles: '76+


Interior changes: Base interior with Classic padding identical to kit - available through all years.

A third defroster vent was added in '73. Curved rather than flat.

Classic II interior in '75 (think Revell of Germany 359 interior).


Cab sizes: 54, 63, 76, 86, 110 (110" debut late '71 for '72).


Pretty much anything was available exhaust and air cleaner configuration wise.






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