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'62 Buick "Surfin" Special


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I picked up this JoHan promo a few months ago , it was in nice condition but had Pegasus Sovreigns on it .  The plan was to replace them with stock wheels that I had  , clean it up and put it on the shelf .  Well I messed  up cleaning it and ruined the factory paint . So the new plan was to leave the Sovreigns on it and repaint it with 1964 Buick Surf Green .  I added the rub strips to the roof and fabbed a rack for a surfboard . Some BMF , mirrors , antenna , and a few decals finished it off .  It may have been on my bench for three months but I estimate I only have around 20 hours in it , that's fast for me !   So here's my "Surfin' Special " ! :D

Surfin Special Display

This is the JoHan promo after some cleaning , you can see where I wore thru the factory paint .


More photos !











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6 hours ago, Plowboy said:

That's a really nice looking little wagon Bob! I really like the color on it! Bonus points for adding backing plates to the wheels. ? Well done!

Thanks Roger ! It was originally painted '62 Fawn Mist but I wanted a little more green so I went with the '64 Surf Green which is the same as Chevy Meadow Green .  Thanks for noticing the backing plates . :)

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17 hours ago, Classicgas said:

❤️ oh my be still my beating heart.   That is beautiful!  We had one in that exact color when I was a kid. I wish the wagon  round2 was doing was this.

Thank you Lee !

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