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WJ Hurst Olds


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Well, here’s my first WIP here on this board..working on the WJ Hurst Olds. 
I used the Bob Glidden 83 Thunderbird chassis, as I found it to be a better fit than the Camaro PS  in many ways. The wheelie bars are more accurate, the cage required less modification than the Camaro/Firebird cage, etc.. I did use an engine from the Iaconio kit, however.

wheel openings widened, drip rails shaved, grille filled in, openings in front valence filled, hood filled and recut for scoop, Emblems and hood ornament removed,  and many more mods to the body. 

body is now in primer, and I’ll post more as I go.










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OK, bodywork done, basecoat applied. I'm tweaking the stance, it's still not low enough in front. I'll need to build drop spindles, I can't set the body any lower over the chassis without the valve covers hitting the hood! I have my new airbrush arriving today and so the plan is to get the black accents and the decals done this weekend. Then I will have 6 bodies ready for clear coat...I use automotive catalyzed clear so I try to do it in batches so I don't waste paint. I have 2 Glidden thunderbirds, a Glidden Mustang II, a Glidden 67 Mustang Super Stocker, this WJ car, and a Sox and Martin Cuda all ready to go....I'll have a LOT of finish work to do after that! I love this car so much, I'm excited to get it done. The WJ vs Bob battles are some of my fondest memories of the old days when Pro Stock cars had personality and were unique. Pontiac vs Chevy vs Ford vs Dodge vs Olds with the occasional Mercury, Buick or even Cadillac....oh well. 




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On 10/30/2020 at 11:54 AM, NYLIBUD said:

Just curious,were those wheels from the Ricky Smith Prostock car?They are perfect wheels for this build.Un-polished Centerlines.The car looks like it’s coming along very well.Please keep the pics coming.?


Yes, exactly. Those wheels are perfect for this build and a lot of cars from that era. I actually need another set for my Glidden Fairmont that is next in line to be built. More pics to follow, I had a bit of a setback with the paint, but it's moving along again.

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