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GRAND OPENING of the American Restomod Workshop


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I decided to upgrade my diorama with some LED lighting to improve my pictures of future builds. I made a quickie mock up to see how they would work. While bright enough, I learned that I need to have some of them near the front edge to make the foreground light the viewer's side of any vehicles inside.

Light test 1.JPG

Lights too far back.JPG

Lights forward.JPG

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9 hours ago, Bills72sj said:

My 6-32 mounting hardware came in so I spent the afternoon building the ceiling with the LED light fixtures. I soldered every connection to prevent issues.

Assembly begins.JPG

Connecting terminals.JPG

Finished assembly.JPG

Testing lights.JPG

Working lights installed B.JPG

Looks nice and bright so it's time to bring those vehicles up out the basement.

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9 hours ago, partsman726 said:

That's awesome.  Nice detail and paint work.  Are your wall signs reduced photos?

No. The traffic control signs were purchased preprinted on aluminum sheet ready to cut out and glue on.

The license plates are kit water slide decals applied to Home Depot aluminum sheet.

The street signs and automotive signs are water slide decals printed from my PC then applied to sheet aluminum.

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8 minutes ago, Lobo2me said:

Wow...amazing...very cool...thanks!

Thank you Steve. 🙂

4 minutes ago, Keavdog said:

Wow  - looks 100% better than my real garage!  Though I have a lot of the same parts in there....lol.  Really nice work my friend.

John, What does your real garage look like?

Just now, Bronzekeg said:

turned out great Bill!

Thank you Ken. 🙂

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Not a great shot of the parts and gear, but here's the stable of cars.  2009 Dodge Charger - 760 RWHP built for drag racing, too many mods to list.  2011 Inaugural edition Challenger - only mod was a short throw Hurst shifter, and the 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca - MGW shifter, ARP wheel studs and Maximum caster camber plates.  All the parts and goodies are in the cabinets :)  


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