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Richard Bartrop

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I know a few people here like to build them, and with Round 2 re releasing the '32 Imperial, it seemed as good a time as any for a classic car group build.

To keep things simple,  we'll go with the Classic Car Club of America's definition of a high end vehicle built between 1915 and 1948, and use their list of makes that make the cut, but it still leaves a huge selection of subject matter.


This is for stock, and stock looking subjects.  If you have a burning need to do a Bugatti rat rod. you do you, but this isn't the group for it;

Already started projects are fine, and there's no end date,  so here's hoping that we see some of your projects.

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On 8/2/2020 at 4:21 PM, Richard Bartrop said:

Those Monogrtam Deuseys build up nice.  I'm going with this one

That's a classy looking ride. I'm onboard if we do this... Do have a couple of pressing builds to finish up first. I'm working on a truck and an undecided for a mag contest, a IG buildoff, and my John Wick Mustang for the CBR... not like I don't have 20 or so already sitting ready to put together. What's one more lol.

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8 hours ago, bamadon said:

I'm sorry there doesn't seem to be more interest in this. I love the old classics and would follow if this starts.


I'm not worried too much about it.  Hopefully as more progress pics are posted, more people will want to join in.

Worst case scenario, you get to watch me go through my build pile.

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Numbers aren't everything. Even if it has limited appeal for building, myself included, I'll be watching with great interest. Not a common group subject, which is why I'll be interested in seeing kits and techniques I'm not as familiar with.

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