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1967 Bud Moore Trans-am Mercury Cougar

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My attempt at one of the Cougars built at Bud Moore's shop in Spartanburg about 50 minutes up the road.  It's not perfect, but looks ok on the shelf.  I used a lower-quality resin body, which was brittle around the windows, which is why the roof edges were sanded off.  AMT '69 Cougar chassis and glass (windshield didn't fit well), roll cage modified from the one in the '64 Mercury, 289 engine used from an AMT '67 GT-350.  All you see in die cast is Gurney's #98, so i I thought I'd do something different.





100934034_10222018551069261_286875717696749568_o (1).jpg


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Yeah, Dave, wishful thinking!  I got the AMT 1973 Cougar street machine kit in today's mail mainly for the convertible top boot, and a surprise inside was a fuel cell piece.  Sanded it down a tad and will use it on that AMT '69 Cougar chassis I used.

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I wasn't sure if this thread was still alive, but I found it while looking for Trans-Am Cougar reference. I had unearthed this original issue 1967 Cougar Trans-Am rough render that I picked up at a model swap and got to thinking I could strip it and start over. I even have proper decal for it. Like I need another model project... LOL! The wheels & tires are from a GT350R I'm trying to finish.




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Maybe the decal sheet is/was produced by UMi Modelwerke?  I remember purchasing two sets, scraps of which I still have.  I have the 1:18th Sun Star diecast model, regretting deeply that the color chosen with regards to the red/orange definitely trends towards orange on both releases afforded even as they could have changed things the second time 'round.  Neat topic surely...

Mike K./Swede70

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