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1:18 GMP '67 Penske Donohue Trans-Am Camaro

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Long ago I wiped out the sole GMP '67-season Penske Donohue Trans-Am Camaro release in my possession for an optimistic effort to redo the stripe work in particular.  As prices continue to climb for rereleases as contrasted to older issues that evidence paint rash related problems, I wasn't really sure I could get an example back to modify as is my (very slow) thing.  Yes - project focus is a continuing challenge for me.  

Recently I picked up a replacement for about $110 less shipping which seemed the best I could do, while for the very real and much appreciated help of ijb40/Oldtimer, I was very kindly afforded a pair of GMP Geo. Follmer Penske Trans-Am Camaro bodies that proved much better for condition versus the #36 body shell plus assorted panels that I'd begun with this go-round.  It helps greatly to have spares, with repeated opportunities to 'swing and miss' greatly influencing what I can achieve.  In this instance,  I'm aiming to keep things more or less simple...



...seen above is what I've more or less started with in the form of a #36 first issue, while below is the '67 Kent, WA specification I seek to replicate for discreet changes across the 'build'...


Just below is the more or less finished shell, comprising the best hood, doors, deck lid and body shell I could work up.  Some numeral/roundel decals need to be stacked to brighten them up a bit, but in the main it's nice...  


Although not looking like huge effort, the drip rail trim was removed and painted over, while all surfaces evidencing gray including the underside of the roof, the door jams and inner door structure and trunk wall were masked and shot all in one go.  The headlamps and front turn indicators have been painted Tamiya AS-12 Bare Metal Silver, while the odd chrome trim otherwise present at the base of the rear quarter windows has been removed.  As for the interior trim panels themselves, these have been modified to disguise them as Standard trim level '67 issue.  


The '68-'69 deck lid with the huge fuel inlet/dump has been tossed aside, replaced with a later GMP Street Fighter solid deck lid without retention pins situated forward of the rear spoiler.  An oval was cut and carved through the panel, while the paint used to refinish it is Tamiya TS-15 Blue.  The 'strapped' rear window was likewise replaced with one absent such (although still needing clips on the edges), while as a means to economy those sections of the stripes which feature a curved outline nearest the base of front and rear glass weren't touched - hence they look as-delivered and clean. Sometimes it's best not to risk too much...


Carefully refinished wheels to suggest slightly oxidized magnesium are noticed below, while the rather gray appearing GMP tires have been coated with Vinylex to dark them a bit.  A paint mask for the GMP wheels was fashioned some time ago for gluing sections of a plastic model rocket nose cone together as witnessed forward, while to the left an abbreviated front spoiler has been scratch built reflecting prior effort again.  The front spoiler has since been refinished body color, while the nose of the body seen actually reflects what was tossed aside for replacement with one of the better Geo Follmer assemblies...


While here would be the chassis taking shape, with most of this being paint.  Predating Penske Racing's practice of applying light gray paint to most chassis surfaces, here the tomb-like ambiance is unmistakable.  The exhaust dumps are fashioned from brass tubing, although mostly it's stock.  


Goodyear tires (or at least those marked as such) have been swapped in (Firestones are accurate fitment prior to Kent '67), the headers and exhaust dumps are indeed a pale, dusty yellow, while Eastwood 1:1 restoration spray paints were tapped in the form of 'Alumi-Blast' for the transmission case in particular after first masking it with Silly Putty. Thanks for your review of this post...

Mike K./Swede70

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As usual Mike, thoroughly researched and painstakingly produced.

Glad I could help.

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Nice work, Buddy... Looking good... I love these cars... Back when "stock cars" actually looked like stock cars...

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