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1/25 scale Michigan gravel train

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Hey all

 Well lets get started with some pictures.

$_1.jpegthis will be the tractor for the gravel train. It will have Hayes 5 spoke 24.5 wheels & Bridgestone tires from Scenes Unlimited. I added a hydraulic tank just behind the sleeper for running the dump cylinders on the dump trailers.

20200713_175454.jpgthis view shows the trailer kits I will be using.The front trailer is 24' long (OOB) the rear trailer will be modified to 18' long from the stock kit one by cutting out a scale 6' section.

20200711_181420.jpgthis kit is for parts. I used the dolly parts from this kit to make a tandem dolly. The wheels are a little different then the ones in the gravel trailer kit, but there pretty close.

  So far I have the frame for the tractor assembled, ready for paint. I started on the front dump trailer, and I  have the frame assembled for it. I started on remaking the hydraulic cylinder for it, but it came out to big in diameter, I used plastic tube and should have used aluminum tubing instead. So I ordered some Aluminum tubing and I'm remaking the cylinders right now.

  I have the tandem dolly scratched up and ready for paint. So here are some more pictures for you all.

20200816_141225.jpgthis view shows the tractor. 

20200816_141038.jpgthis view shows the front dump trailer.

20200816_141011.jpgthis view shows the scratch built tandem dolly.

20200816_141618.jpgthis view shows the Bridgestone L375 445/65R 24.5 front floats. I reworked the front Scenes Unlimited Hayes 5 poke wheels into float wheels with some bits from my spares box.2

20200816_141520.jpgthis view shows the front dump trailers wheels/tires

20200816_141457.jpgthis view shows the dolly's wheels/tires.


20200711_160704.jpgthis view shows the air, electrical and hydraulic connections.

20200711_160841.jpgthis view shows the glad hands (aftermarket) tge electric connector made from scratch and tge hydraulic connector made from scratch.

20200711_160812.jpgcloser view of the connectors. Well tgats ut for now be back soon with more updates.

Ron G 

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Hey guys 

  I have the Cummins NTC-370 engine just about done and it's almost ready for paint. I added most of the oil, fuel, air and water lines to it, at least as many that I know of. So here are some pictures for you to look at.

20200826_185700.jpgthis view shows the oil lines to and from the turbos.

20200826_185636.jpgthis view shows the main fuel filter,  built from scratch,and the two auxiliary fuel filters  from the parts bin that I added. I added the oil pump at the front bottom and the oil line to the block. I also added the fuel and air lines the engine.

20200826_185544.jpgthis view shows the cooling lines from the water inlet housing to the air compressor.

20200826_185515.jpgfront view of the engine. I added a connecting hose from the water inlet housing to the water pump. You can see the cooling lines better in this view.

20200826_190223.jpgview of the passenger side of the engine in the frame.

20200826_190142.jpgview of the driver side of the engine in the frame. Well that's it for now be back with more soon.

Ron G 

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