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60 pontaghini diablow

damodelguy az

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to start, i dont do, or have ever done or tried drugs.  but this looks like a last night acid trip.  was lookin at a diablo thinking what could i do with this rear engine car in my collection of 1960 and older.  when i went to bed 8/23/2020 at 230 this morn this is what i left sitting on my bench.  hoping it comes around after some sanding and a coat of primer.  thanx for your curiosity.   i might lower the wind sheild a little now that i look this evening.














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Blimey, some inventive thinking going on there Glen! Probably not a combination anyone has thought of before, but it might just work.....

Will be very interested to see it with wheels on, I'd imagine they need to be large and for it to sit super-low.

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17 hours ago, damodelguy az said:

....but this looks like a last night acid trip. 

  I might lower the wind sheild a little now that i look this evening.

 I must say that I agree with both statements.  ?

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thanx for the words of encouragement, after the initial cutting. i did lower the windsheild, and decided to add the side panels from the diablo. then a lot of filing and sanding, and first coat of glaze putty, and more sanding, i finally hit it with first coat of primer.   well the primer left me shocked more than usual, needed alot more work. more filing, sanding, and another coat of glaze putty.  got the interior and chassis to fit how i hoped, worked on front wheel wells, decided i wanted the low profile front spoiler under bumper. put it all test fitted together and good with stance. need to remember the wheels are rotational and to all be heading in the right directions when i get to final installation.  so guys, i dont build exitic sports cars, being a guy, we dont need no stincking directions, but i do like pictures. short story this kit didnt have directions and im not sure how the suspensine goes together. box is in backround, any body have this kit and could take few pics of the page in directions.














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Wow!  this caught me totally by surprise.

At first, I must confess that I was suppressing a gag reflex.  My brain was screaming "WRONG-WRONG-WRONG!".  But now that I see your skillful blending of the body work; I actually like it.  It reminds me of some of the futuristic cars from comic books of the 50's and 60's.

I have seen the light!  model on!  

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